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We are currently accepting applications for membership in the Santa Teresa Men's Golf Club (STMGC).

The term of STMGC / NCGA membership operates on a calendar year, January-December. From the time you sign up, your membership will last until the end of the year, at which point you will need to renew. Our renewal period begins October 1 for the following year. 

Your dues also include your NCGA membership through the end of the year (see here for the benefits of belonging to the NCGA).

Two levels of Membership to choose from:

  • Full Membership: Includes all the STMGC member rights and privileges plus STMGC Tournament Play.

  • Associate Membership: Same as Full Membership, except for STMGC tournament playing privileges

$148   Full Member Applications received not later than June 1st, 2018
                 ($118 annual dues + $30 one time initiation fee).

$123   Pro-Rated Full Member Applications received after June 1st, 2018    
                 ($93 pro-rated annual dues + $30 one time initiation fee).

$68     Associate STMGC Member Applications
                 ($68 annual dues)

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Pro-Rated Full Membership (After June 1~Aug 1)


Associate Membership


3.    Select the  “Continue” button to proceed to the secured payment page. Your membership is complete only after the payment has been processed.   

4.    A confirmation email will be sent as part of the payment process.

5.    In a few day you will receive a STMGC welcome email with useful information.

Please send any questions to

Thank you for Joining STMGC!