STMGC Tournament of Champions Contest

TOC Points Standings

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Purpose: To encourage active participation in the monthly tournaments, and to recognize those who have performed consistently well throughout the fiscal year. The top 20 point winners (plus ties) are eligible to play in the annual Tournament of Champions.

Period of Play: All regular tournaments during the fiscal year (no points given for the actual TOC Championship Tournament, which has limited participation).

TOC Cost: $1, included in your entry fee.

Entry Points: Each STMGC member who plays in a STMGC Tournament will receive four (4) points just for playing. In the case of multi-round tournaments, each member who qualifies and plays in successive rounds will receive two (2) additional points for each round played.

Bonus Points: Bonus points will be awarded in one of four methods, as shown below (depending on the format of the tournament, and the number of flights).  Ties will be broken according to the Conditions of the Competition.
Individual Tournaments
Single-flight Multiple-flights
Position Bonus Pts Position Bonus Pts Club Championship
1st 17 1st 13 Position Bonus Pts
2nd 13 2nd 10 Winner 13
3rd 11 3rd 8 Runner-Up 10
4th 10 4th 6 Semi-Finalist 7
5th 9 5th 4 Semi-Finalist 7
6th 8 Turkey Shoot: Winner of match gets 5 bonus pts
7th 7
8th 6
9th 5
10th 4

2, 3, & 4 man Team Tournaments
Position Bonus Pts
1st 8 per person
2nd 6 per person
3rd 5 per person
4th 4 per person
5th 2 per person

TOC results are posted on the STMGC bulletin board in the Pro Shop shortly after each tournament. If there are any questions, comments, or suggestions, please e-mail them to me at

Stefan Winer, TOC Statistician